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About us...

LIVESPAIN - Sale of luxury real estate in Spain

The story of Live Spain is the story of its founder and the people who joined the journey together. People who resonate with the values the company represents. Our story began with a change that required gigantic courage and revolution. Giving up what we had in favor of what was a great unknown. We had to take our foot off the stable past and translate it into the unstable ground of the future.

From the Polish real estate market we entered the Spanish market.

We are guided by the goal we have successfully pursued for years in Poland: we want to fulfill the dreams of our clients with full commitment and support at every stage of the real estate process, because investment in real estate is not just buying a house, but an investment in a particular lifestyle.

Throughout the process, we see people and their stories first and foremost. Nothing is more important to us than creating an atmosphere full of mutual respect and understanding.

Ewa Kurcz

Ewa Kurcz

expert on the subject. real estate

Everyone dreams of something. Sometimes, we put all our strength into realizing a dream, even though at first the goal is vague and often seems unattainable, and then – we have it.

When I started working as a real estate agent, I was driven by one dream: I wanted to give people an angle that would accommodate their stories. All the joys and sorrows. Unrest and Relief. Challenges and reasons to celebrate.

By the way, I meet interesting people and their colorful stories. This allows me to offer them apartments that are a reflection of their personalities. I chose this industry because real estate is more than buildings – it’s about making people’s dreams come true.

Meet our team

Ewa Kurcz

founder of LIVESPAIN

expert on the subject. real estate

Angelika Czuprynska

expert on the subject. real estate

Marta Raczynska

expert on the subject. real estate

Marzena Traczynska

expert on the subject. real estate


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